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A rant for today

Rolling Stone and the R&R Hall of Fame they just care about the recording industry. A complete sell out. The only thing that matters to them are: Radio hit singles, record sales, and mainstream appeal trough videos and juvenile magazines.

They just celebrate the artists that bring the millions of dollars to keep the big company going. It´s not about the fans, never was. We just buy their product over an over again. A pat on the back of their employees, which Yes are not.

Sadly, Rolling Stone is just an advertiser for the mass media groups. No longer a brand for any generation. A hype instigator.

They just keep beating dead horses every now and then (The Beatles, The Doors, The Who, most recently Nirvana and now Lou Reed) just to keep their “edgy” flavour. They don´t talk about Musicianship or Talent.

Who knows? Maybe some kids might read it and start a rock band. Instead of wasting time and money in the shopping mall!


I have a doubt for some time:

Who needs the most this “mainstream recognition”?

Who needs to regain the favour of the masses?

Progressive Rock?

Yes (or some of them)?

Or we the fans?

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